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Hello, [livejournal.com profile] shipswap creator person! I would just like to say, 'thank you' in advance for whatever you create for me!

The following is just a general overview of things I enjoy, but you are more than welcome to create something with elements that are not mentioned here.

Always a ‘yes’:
steampunk! if you know what steampunk is and are willing to write/draw it, I am obliged to encourage that line of thought. Go for it! If not, then it’s all good because i also love: missing scenes; future fic; character studies; world-building; road trips; five things fics; secret relationships; noticeable height differences; resolved pining; dark fic; unreliable narrators; time-loops; & non-linear story-telling. Also AUs of pretty much every kind: canon-divergent; zombies; post-apocalyptic/dystopian; college; space; western; magical; noir; cyberpunk; & dieselpunk.

Please don’t include:
mpreg, dub/non-con, pwp or explicit sex, excessive character bashing, terminal illness, infidelity, or abusive relationships.

So you know though, anything with any of these pairings will make me ridiculously happy!

Songs and quotes aren't regulated to one particular fandom. If you use any, feel free to mix and match as you see fit.

  • DARK MATTER ¦¦ Six | Griffin Jones/Three | Marcus Boone, Four | Ryo Tetsuda/Three | Marcus Boone, Four | Ryo Tetsuda/Six | Griffin Jones/Three | Marcus Boone ¦¦ fanart, fanfic
    I haven't read the comics, but if you have, feel free to incorporate elements from that into whatever you create.

    I have no idea why 6 did what he did. I like to think he did it out of what he believed to be the good of the crew, but, hmm. Maybe out of everyone 4 and 3 would get why? Maybe they'd understand it? I figure they'd be mad at first, but.

    "Sometimes you gotta bleed to know
    That you’re alive and have a soul
    But it takes someone to come around
    To show you how"
    - Twenty One Pilots, Tear in My Heart

    "With fading lights that lead us past the lives that we destroyed." - +44, No, It Isn't

    "The next time I see you, you'll turn away
    I'll say, "Hello", but you'll keep on walkin'
    The next time you see me, I'll turn away"
    - +44, Make You Smile

    "It makes no sense but it must be right
    The blood and sweat you sacrificed
    Was it all for nothing?"
    - Bring Me the Horizon, Blasphemy

  • GRIMM ¦¦ Drew Wu/Hank Griffin ¦¦ fanart, fanfic
    "Between lovers a little confession is a dangerous thing." -Helen Rowland

    I was ridiculously happy when Wu finally find out about all the supernatural stuff going on in Portland. I think he brings a lot to the team, and it was really cruel of them to not tell him what was going on, especially when he locked himself away. What if Hank told Wu about what was going on earlier than when he found out (409), instead of letting it escalate to what it did? What if, after the initial relief of finding out that he wasn't crazy, that all the things he saw were real, Wu got angry? (I'd be plenty pissed off if that happened to me, but, hey.) Maybe not outright in front of Hank and Nick, but it shows in his work and how he acts around them. What if Wu's anger at being gaslighted was stronger than his relief?
    Or, ignore all of that, and give me something with Hank & Wu just being together. They could be filling out reports after a case, or drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee/energy drinks to stay awake on a stake-out, (which doesn't seem too wise because they'd need to pee, but, still.) I've been shipping these guys since season 1, so anything you give me would make me happy.

  • HARRY POTTER ¦¦ Narcissa Black Malfoy/Peter Pettigrew, Neville Longbottom/Pansy Parkinson, Pansy Parkinson/Ron Weasley, Blaise Zabini/Ron Weasley, Luna Lovegood/Pansy Parkinson ¦¦ fanart, fanfic
    This is ordered randomly. Feel free to use other parts of the songs quoted!

    "Love doesn't discriminate
    Between the sinners and the saints
    It takes and it takes and it takes
    & we keep loving anyway
    We laugh and we cry and we break
    & we make our mistakes
    & if there's a reason I'm by her side when so many have tried
    Then I'm willing to wait for it, I'm willing to wait for it"
    - Hamilton, Wait for It

    "Let me tell you what I wish I’d known
    When I was young and dreamed of glory
    You have no control:
    Who lives, who dies, who tells your story"
    - Hamilton, History has Its Eyes on You

    "Stuck it out this far together
    Put our dreams through the shredder
    Let’s toast cause things got better and everything could change like that
    & all these years go by so fast but nothing lasts forever
    Here's to us, here's to love, all the times that we messed up
    Here's to you
    Fill the glass 'cause the last few nights have kicked my ass"
    - Halestorm, Here's to Us

    "Am I brave enough? Am I strong enough?
    To follow the desire that burns from within
    To push away my fear, to stand where I'm afraid"
    - Halestorm, I am the Fire

    "Though I'm weak and beaten down
    I'll slip away into this sound
    The ghost of you is close to me"
    - Twenty One Pilots, Goner

  • SENSE8 ¦¦ Capheus/Sun Bak, Diego Morales/Will Gorski, Diego Morales/Felix Brenner ¦¦ fanart, fanfic
    Anything with any of these pairings would be amazing.

    [CAPHEUS/SUN BAK] I love how eager Capheus is to rush in and be the hero, even if he has no idea what he’s doing and no real plan. I love how calm Sun is, even when she’s fighting, and how much control (for the most part) she has over her emotions. I love how when Sun and Capheus get together they balance each other out.
    Maybe Sun joins Capheus for one of his Van Damme viewings? Maybe Capheus asks Sun to help him paint a portrait of his mother? What about a picnic beside the Han River? Maybe Capheus gets to visit Sun in Seoul and meets her dog? Maybe Sun comes to Nairobi and gets to meet Jela, Capheus’ best friend?

    [DIEGO MORALES/WILL GORSKI] "And you look at me and say
    I'm your best friend every day
    But I wish for something, wish for something more
    Oh, I love you like a friend but let's not pretend
    How I wish for something, wish for something more"
    -Amy Macdonald, A Wish for Something More

    [DIEGO MORALES/ FELIX BRENNER] Maybe Diego bumps into Felix while on holiday in Berlin? Maybe Felix is a former thief who offers his expertise to Detective Morales on cases? Maybe Felix takes Diego on a global shoe shopping adventure!(in Paris? Italy? London? New York?)

  • SUPERNATURAL ¦¦ Kevin Tran/Meg Masters ¦¦ fanart, fanfic
    Kevin Tran and Meg (as played by Rachel Miner). Whether it's platonically or romantically, it'd be amazing to have something with these two together. Maybe Meg's the leader of a biker gang and Kevin's the new prospect? Maybe Dean asked Meg to keep an eye on Kevin way before Dean ends up in purgatory? Or just having them be in the same space together will make me happy.

  • Z NATION ¦¦ Javier Vasquez/Roberta Warren ¦¦ fanart, fanfic
    "Dear you, tonight let's get ahead of ourselves
    'Cause now I barely can remember
    Yesterday stretched on for so long
    Tomorrow feels like forever
    My God, you know how much I needed this
    These days are filled with such disaster
    Sometimes I think that life will never be the same
    Sometimes I think that's the answer"
    - +44, Cliff Diving

    "The world's a funeral, a room of ghosts
    No hint of movement, no sign of pulse
    Only an echo, just skin and bone"
    - Bring Me the Horizon, Doomed

    "I know a thing or two about pain and darkness." - Twenty One Pilots, Lane Boy

    "& I long for you to appear
    After losing your way across star riddled skies
    To carry you home
    I cherish my loss
    A gentle reminder, that life is unkind
    At the best of times"
    - Enter Shikari, Adieu

I'm pretty easy to please, so if you have another idea you'd like to explore, please feel free to! I find it next to impossible to find works for these pairings, so it'd be hard for you to go wrong with whatever you create.

Whatever you decide to create, I hope you have fun making it!